About Us

About JC Guest House

JC Guest House is a family owned business of 2 guest houses located in the residential area of Brookfields in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The first guest house at 26 Bailey Street,  was launched in December 2002.   The second guest house, at 1 Ogoo Lane was launched in December 2005.  The guest houses are 3-5 minutes apart.  

Phone numbers -
+1-732-991-5993 (USA)
+232 77-774-894 (Sierra Leone)
+232 76-687-426 (Sierra Leone)

Why Choose JC Guest House?
We are Local and Global:
We ofter the best of both worlds. On on hand, the guest houses are owned and operated by a well-known and respected Sierra Leonean family. On the other hand, we have extensive international and travel experience - including many years of living in the USA. Because of this unique blend, we are both local and global. We are well positioned to understand your travel needs. We also have invaluable connections with and understanding of the local culture and environment.

About Our Name:
The first 2 letters of the name - JC - are an abbreviation for "Just Cam".  Sierra Leoneans from the Diaspora, who are vacationing in Freetown, are fondly referred to "JC's" or "Jay Cees" - meaning someone who has just arrived.  Freetown has a steady stream of visitors throughout the year with a big surge of vacationers over the Christmas season.

Brookfields is a thriving community - located less than 5 miles from the city center. Brookfields is primarily a residential community, with great access to public transportation and very accessible.