Room / Lodging Options in Freetown


JC Guest House is a family owned business of 2 guest houses located in the residential area of Brookfields in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The first guest house at 26 Bailey Street,  was launched in December 2002.   The second guest house, at 1 Ogoo Lane was launched in December 2005.  The guest houses are 3-5 minutes apart.  

Phone numbers -
+1-732-991-5993 (USA)
+232 77-774-894 (Sierra Leone)
+232 76-687-426 (Sierra Leone)


Sierra Leonean Hospitality

One of Freetown's best secrets - gracious hospitality, thoughtful amenities and distinctive.

  • Exercise room / Gym
  • Bar / Lounge
  • Conveniently located
  • Satellite TV
  • Intercom
  • CCTV Camera
  • Solar Electricity
  • 24 hours security
  • Air conditioned rooms with fan
  • Free WiFi


Comments from previous guests


What we liked about the (The JC Guest House ) at 24 Bailey street, Brookfield, Freetown is that it caters for the middle-level income people, it is close to and a walking distance to shopping area and government institutions, in a traffic ridden city during public holiday. The rooms are clean, air conditioned and there is a bar area to relax in the evening with inmates or visitors. If you like community activities there is also plenty to see.Try it this Christmas season, I am sure you will keep coming back. Above All, it is situated at a very secured spot , where you are guaranteed to be safe and your belongings secured at all times. The Staff are very accommodating and family Oriented to satisfy your daily needs.

Isha DyfanUN

I always stay there on my visit to Sierra Leone with my family. The experience has been consistent. A Beautiful modern building, great location close enough to all attractions around the city. The room was great, well appointed. All amenities work perfectly. Around the clock security guards. Staff were friendly.

sam kargbo

Wonderful stay at newly renovated JC Guest House 26 Bailey St Brookfield. The proprietor is Sigismund who was born in Freetown but has a US shipping company. Hotel is 4 stories and currently has 9 rooms.Amenities include Queen bed with upscale comfortable mattress, flat TV, AC,Hot water shower and flush toilets, balcony.Continental Breakfast. The staff is very attentive and pleasant. Room rates $45 which is a bargain for a hotel of this quality.

drkelly9Irvington, New York

Our stay in Freetown was phenomenal at JC HOTEL! The exterior of the hotel was well-kept and the room service was exceptional. Our bedrooms were fully air conditioned, we had a microwave, refrigerator, and hot water in the sink and bathtub. It felt like we were in one of the Five-Star hotels in the States. Housekeeping service was always prompt and outstanding! In a nutshell, the staff was very helpful and would always go the extra mile to keep us happy. The hotel was practically bug-free and very clean. The neighbors were very friendly and the parking was suitable. The hotel was a short distance from our destinations.

Mr Patrick Paul and family